Meet The T Bone Family

In the early 1980s, Brian Wilson was a BMX racer in Rockford Illinois. Brian loved racing BMX. After taking his then 18-month-old son to the local Cape Coral BMX track, he remembered all of the things he loved about BMX racing, the friends that become family, the spirited competition, and the inclusiveness that the sport offers.

Now all three Wilsons enjoy BMX racing both locally and nationally while expecting their second child later in 2021.

Where else can you have your entire family from Mom & Dad all the way down to the 4-year-old participate in not just a local but a national event! 

BMX! Where no one rides the bench!

Darlene "Petite Filet" Wilson racing at the Gold Cup
David "Porkchop" Wilson lined up to race in the 5 & Under class

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