General Sale, Coupon, and Pricing Policies

Unless stated otherwise, all Coupon Codes found online, in print, over the phone, or through any other method now known or to be developed in the future shall exclude items already marked down, on clearance, discounted, or otherwise reduced in price from the original marked price. Additionally, coupon codes cannot be used when purchasing Gift Cards.  And finally, some manufacturers do not allow us to regularly discount or otherwise reduce the pricing on their products  -  but the few times each year that they do open up reduced pricing windows, we definitely shout it out loud to our customers through newsletters and social media. Unless otherwise posted, sale prices and coupon codes are not valid with any other offer. Additionally, coupon codes cannot be used when purchasing Gift Cards or services, Complete Bicycles, Spokes, and Nipples. Coupon codes are retroactive up to 72 hours after a purchase is made. No exceptions will be given. Free shipping promotions only apply to the continental United States and may exclude some oversized items. All prices are subject to change at any time. Additionally, we are aware that sometimes mistakes are made - and in the event that we've listed a price inaccurately, we'll correct it as soon as possible...but we will not honor any incorrect price that causes us to lose money or break MAP pricing agreements we have with our suppliers. In the event that you have ordered something with a price we cannot honor, we will send you an invoice for the balance due; you can also request to cancel the order, and we'll refund you immediately.

Price Matching

T-Bone BMX only price matches for U.S. retailers that have the same item in stock and ready to ship. If you want to see if the item you are inquiring about is available for a price match, please contact us with the make, model, color, and size of the product you are interested in as well as the website you have found the lower price on.

Product Availability

We offer custom apparel and hardware for all your BMX needs. We typically order replacement inventory as soon as we see we're nearing the end of our current supply on any given product.  From there, we hope that our suppliers will move quickly and get us what we need asap. With that said, there are many reasons that a supplier might not be able to deliver immediately, whether it be a big rush on-demand for something, shortage of raw materials, weather inconveniences, or who knows what.  The short answer is:  AS SOON AS WE CAN GET IT, WE WILL!  We don't want to be out of stock on any of the coolest BMX items.

Complete Bicycle Package

All of our complete bicycles come about 85% complete. You do have to install the front wheel, bars, pedals, seat, and seatpost. Additionally, you will want to adjust the brakes, check the wheels for true, and double-check all fasteners for proper tension. All manufacturers as well as T-Bone BMX recommend having bicycles built by your local bike shop. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance in placing your order.

Spoke Length

We do not provide a spoke length over the phone or via e-mail. If you are ordering spokes from us, in the comments box please tell us the make/model/size of your rims, make/model of your hubs, and cross pattern and we will calculate the spoke length for you. When you receive your spokes the length will be written on the bag.

Order Add On

We are unable to add items to your order. You must place a separate order for the new items. If you are trying to combine shipping on two orders you must call us to place your second order. We are only able to combine orders that have not yet been processed. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Cancel My Order

Please call us at 239-471-9683 to cancel your order.


Payment Options

T-Bone BMX accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal. In person we also accept cash. We do not accept checks of any kind.

Card charged but no order confirmation

If you have received a charge on your credit card but not yet an order confirmation please call us and we will confirm the order.

My order total does not match what is on my billing statement

If you are an international customer, the discrepancy is in the currency conversion. If this is not the case, please contact us for an explanation.


Shipping Cost Estimate

Our shipping costs are based on a number of factors, including the size and weight of your package as well as the destination postal code. In order for you to get the most accurate shipping cost, please visit our website and put all of your desired items into your cart. Proceed to checkout. Once there, you can enter your shipping details and the system will show you all of your shipping options along with the associated costs and transit times.

Import Duties & Taxes

All orders shipped from our location must have the purchase value declared and a copy of the invoice attached to the box. We will not make any alterations to this value nor will it be declared a gift.



To return/exchange an item you've purchased, please send the unopened/unused item/s back to us along with the completed return form (the backside of the printed order that was enclosed in your package). Once we receive your returned item/s along with the return form, we'll go ahead and process the return/change according to your request. Please note, we do not accept returns after 90 days of purchase, nor do we accept custom wheels, custom bikes, complete bicycles that have been built, DVDs, magazines, clearance items, or special orders. See Returns and Exchange for more info.


T-Bone BMX does warranty the frames and carbon rims it sells. It is the manufacturer who sets the policies regarding warranties and their sole discretion on if an item is eligible for warranty replacement. Please note, warranties cover manufacturer welds and defects and have a time limit. They do not cover wear and tear to items nor do they provide coverage if an item has been damaged due to impact. We do facilitate warranty claims with quite a few of the brands we carry, please notify us immediately if you think you have a warranty claim. When contacting us, we will need a copy of the receipt showing the proof and date of purchase, a description of the issue accompanied by photos and/or videos, the serial number of the item (if applicable), and your contact information.
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